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Good morning my beautiful souls. It is believed by many that all illness starts in a person’s energy field and if it is not addressed and removed, this will manifest into physical problems. Stress is rampant in our society and it takes a toll not only on our physical bodies, but emotionally and mentally as well. You will feel an immediate difference after your treatment. Reiki works to relax your body, release tension, produce endorphins, silence the mental chatter and help you sleep at night. It also helps us to hold onto more positive thoughts and makes it easier to release negative ones. Holding more positive thoughts and being able to speak using “high vibration” words works further in keeping our body-mind-soul clear. The energy will continue to detoxify your body, removing all that no longer serves you, for 3 days following your treatment drink lots of water for it is vital. Blessings of Love and Light, Medea     Image may contain: one or more people and text

Medea Kalantar

Reiki Master/Practitioner
  • Award Winning Author of Honeycake Book Series
  • My main purpose is to spread Love & Light & Inspire Kindness
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Mission Statement

As a Reiki Master, I pledge to honour and embody the Reiki Ideals. I am committed to my personal growth, healing and living my best life and to inspire others to do the same. I will always provide a safe, nurturing and confidential environment to foster trust for everyone so they may experience the healing energy of Reiki.


Hours of Operation

10 am - 7 pm Monday-Saturday

Closed on all State Holidays

Welcome to the World of Reiki

Reiki is universal life force energy and lives in everyone. It is the highest vibration of life energy available to human beings.

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What People Say

I’ve had a few sessions now with Medea. I can’t describe the immense sense of calm and peace I’ve felt after each session. Medea has the incredible gift not only with her .....

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What People Say

Truly amazing experience. I felt an amazing calm and inner peace, something I have not felt in a very long time after my session with Medea. She truly has a special gift!

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Hours Of Operation

10 am - 7 pm Monday-Saturday

Closed on all Stat Holidays

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Medea Kalantar

Reiki Master/Practitioner and Author

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