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Honeycake Book Series

By Medea Kalantar On January 30, 2019

Hello my beautiful souls.  I created a new FB page for a children’s book series that I have written called Honeycake. I was inspired to write these books when I learned that I was becoming a  grandmother.  My stories are all based on my own family, whose members come from many different ethnic backgrounds.  This … Read more

By Medea Kalantar On January 14, 2019

Hello my beautiful souls. Here is an article from the IARP On how Reiki can help with your Winter Blues! The days are shorter, nights are longer, and the holiday fanfare has come and gone, sometimes leaving you with loads of bills to pay. It’s no wonder that the winter blues are a regular visitor … Read more

By Medea Kalantar On January 14, 2019

Hello my beautiful souls, My vision for 2019 is to spread Love and Light to as many souls as possible. So, I decided to start a “SELF LOVE GIVE LOVE MOVEMENT” As a Reiki Master and Practitioner, I am committed to my personal growth, healing and living my best life and to inspire others to … Read more
Seed Mantras for Each Chakra

By Medea Kalantar On December 14, 2018

Within each human being lies the power to affect change through the power of a chant, the spoken words, or even a gentle whisper. The body's chakras or energy centers, so closely intertwined with their corresponding regions of the body, can be represented in sound, which parallels the energy pattern of the chakras and is … Read more
Exercise: Fire Breath Chakra Balancing & Healing

By Medea Kalantar On December 14, 2018

Exercise: Fire Breath Chakra Balancing & HealingThis exercise is a chakra healing and energy body oriented orgasmic meditation named by a Cherokee medicine man, Harley Swiftdeer. You will be breathing into each of your chakras and, as you do so, imagining the colors of that chakra illuminating with bright, healing light. As you continue to … Read more
Chakras and Your Energetic Frequency

By Medea Kalantar On December 14, 2018

Chakras and Your Energetic Frequency The energy of our chakras influences our physical processes via inhibition and stimulation. Remember, chakras are like wheels whose job is not only to keep energy moving, but also to constrict or close as a defense against negative energy. In order to compensate for a constricted, under-active chakra, another chakra … Read more

By Medea Kalantar On December 14, 2018

Hello my beautiful souls, I had the honour of attending a Reiki circle last night with so many beautiful souls that are Reiki Masters. I was humbled by their words stating that my ENERGY and LIGHT was so bright and filled with so much LOVE that they could feel the POWER of the HOLY FIRE … Read more
You have to experience Reiki to understand it!

By Medea Kalantar On December 3, 2018

Hello my beautiful souls, If you feel like you’re surviving rather than thriving, that your adrenals are shot and your “stress hormones” are on the rise. If your feel hot and sweaty even in the winter, and fatigue follows you around like a lost puppy, then you can probably guess, that you’re not happy and … Read more
Relax your body with Reiki

By tonyadmin On November 12, 2018

Good morning my beautiful souls. It is believed by many that all illness starts in a person’s energy field and if it is not addressed and removed, this will manifest into physical problems. Stress is rampant in our society and it takes a toll not only on our physical bodies, but emotionally and mentally as … Read more

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I’ve had a few sessions now with Medea. I can’t describe the immense sense of calm and peace I’ve felt after each session. Medea has the incredible gift not only with her …..

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What People Say

Truly amazing experience. I felt an amazing calm and inner peace, something I have not felt in a very long time after my session with Medea. She truly has a special gift!

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