Hello my beautiful souls, I had the honour of attending a Reiki circle last night with so many beautiful souls that are Reiki Masters. I was humbled by their words stating that my ENERGY and LIGHT was so bright and filled with so much LOVE that they could feel the POWER of the HOLY FIRE THROUGH ME. Nothing captures my Soul Purpose then theses affirmations.  I AM GRACE, I AM PEACE, I AM LOVE.  I AM REACHING AND SEEKING HIGHER STAES OF BEING.  I AM ALLOWING SOURCE ENERGY, TO FLOW FREELY THROUGH ME.  I AM HERE TO SERVE, TO HEAL, LOVE AND GROUND A HIGHER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY; FOR ALL OF HUMANITY.  I SURRENDER TO THE MOST HIGH.  I INVITE MY ANGELS AND GUIDES TO STAND BY MY SIDE.  I AM HERE TO THRIVE.  I am here to serve you.  If you’re ready to have a healthier, happier, mind, body and spirit please contact me. Blessings of Love and Light, Medea

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What People Say

I’ve had a few sessions now with Medea. I can’t describe the immense sense of calm and peace I’ve felt after each session. Medea has the incredible gift not only with her …..

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What People Say

Truly amazing experience. I felt an amazing calm and inner peace, something I have not felt in a very long time after my session with Medea. She truly has a special gift!

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