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As a Reiki practitioner, I have been attuned to receive and transfer the Reiki energy to the client. This is done during a treatment while the client lies fully clothed on a Reiki table. While using a gentle “hands on” approach and a series of hand positions that encompass the energy portals of the chakra system, I will channel this wonderful healing energy to the client. The traditional hand positions are on the head, front and back of the body and sometimes I will be intuitively guided to use other hand positions or to work in the person’s aura. We are all unique individuals and as such, we will experience the Reiki energy in different ways. Everyone experiences levels of relaxation and often so deep a person will fall asleep during a treatment. Some are able to feel the energy flow throughout their body; muscle movements, increased skin temperature, emotional release and visions of colour are some other common responses. The Reiki treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Reiki has its’ own wisdom and will go where it is most needed at the time. Healing is done at each person’s own pace which may be gentle and subtle, or more apparent and fast. Whichever way, we can trust it is right for you. Reiki can do no harm.

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What People Say

I’ve had a few sessions now with Medea. I can’t describe the immense sense of calm and peace I’ve felt after each session. Medea has the incredible gift not only with her …..

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What People Say

Truly amazing experience. I felt an amazing calm and inner peace, something I have not felt in a very long time after my session with Medea. She truly has a special gift!

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