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Reiki is universal life force energy and lives in everyone. It is the highest vibration of life energy available to human beings. It is a pure source of loving healing energy that flows through all of us from the Divine Source. Reiki is a Japanese word and may be broken down into two syllables to derive its' meaning. "Rei" describes the universal, transcendental spirit, and "ki" is the life force energy, together this means spiritually guided life force energy. Energy imbalances and blockages occur in the body due to the influences of the world around us and how we interpret and process this information. We are often exposed to negative energy in our environment; we breathe in pollution and often ingest toxic substances, destructive lifestyle and relationships weaken and disrupt energy. Reiki is used to bring peace and balance to mind, body and spirit which support the functioning of the immune system and helps relieve many symptoms of illness. Reiki is a natural, holistic alternative therapy which has become widely accepted and practised around the world. It reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal itself on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Reiki reduces stress and brings about deep relaxation. A release in tension allows the removal of toxins and blockages and enhances the normal flow of energy to all areas. Reiki stimulates the body to heal resulting in a process of rejuvenation and relaxation. There are a myriad of potential benefits from Reiki which include; better sleep, reduction in stress, increased relaxation, normalizing blood pressure, relief of pain, increase in vitality, digestive improvements, spiritual growth and emotional clearing. Reiki is a wonderful complement to allopathic medicine and helps reduce the side effects of drugs and therapies. Reiki is not a religion and therefore, appropriate for everyone to experience.

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Reiki is a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. Its energy comes from the highest spiritual source and because of this, it will always create the best results for all concerned. It can be used to heal the body, the mind or the spirit; and can also guide us through life. It can help us develop latent talents and improve the quality of everything we do. So, if healing and personal development is what you want to accomplish, if you haven’t already done so, treat yourself to a Reiki session for your Birthday this year. You will feel an immediate difference after your treatment. Contact me to book your Reiki session and start your journey to a healthier happier life.

Medea Kalantar

Reiki Master/Practitioner
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As a Reiki Master, I pledge to honour and embody the Reiki Ideals. I am committed to my personal growth, healing and living my best life and to inspire others to do the same. I will always provide a safe, nurturing and confidential environment to foster trust for everyone so they may experience the healing energy of Reiki.


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Reiki is universal life force energy and lives in everyone. It is the highest vibration of life energy available to human beings.

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What People Say

I’ve had a few sessions now with Medea. I can’t describe the immense sense of calm and peace I’ve felt after each session. Medea has the incredible gift not only with her .....

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What People Say

Truly amazing experience. I felt an amazing calm and inner peace, something I have not felt in a very long time after my session with Medea. She truly has a special gift!

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Hours Of Operation

10 am - 7 pm Monday-Saturday

Closed on all Stat Holidays

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